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All-Natural Spa Soaps

Use a microwave oven and the super-cute molds, soap base, and pigments in the set to make seashell- or flower-shaped soaps. Get creative by adding all-natural ingredients found in the kitchen and in t

Blast Off Rocket Racer

Power up your Rocket Racer with the classic combination of baking soda and vinegar and let it go! Includes a build-your-own mini rocket racer, featuring a sleek aerodynamic design and large wheels for

Demolition Lab - Breakdown Building

Ka-pow! The neighborhood is on its way up and the old condemned building is on its way down! Kids construct a 5-story building then demolish it with the powerful quad-blaster, taking out four walls at

Demolition Lab - Mega Smokestack

Step into the mind-blowing Demolition Lab, where kids will get to build this enormous smokestack. The sky-high Mega Smokestack is old, outdated and needs to be replaced. Now, kids will get to build th

Demolition Lab - Triple Blast Warehouse

Step into the mind-blowing Demolition Lab, where kids will get to build this giant warehouse, then see if they can take it down! They will get to demolish this monumental structure with strategically

Extreme Secret Formula Lab

Kids try their hand at mad science in the much anticipated update of the popular SmartLab title You-Mix-It Secret Formula Lab. This extreme version features tailored components such as a mix-and-measu

Glow in the Dark Lab

Kids try their hand at mad science using a unique set of mad lab tools including mixing and measuring tools as well as creature molds, glow sticks, fluorescent ink, a black-light activator, and an abu

Gross Art

It’s ‘snot pretty when you perfect the art of grossness. Yes, only Gross Art from SmartLab Toys teaches you how to draw realistic and cartoon illustrations of all things gross using real a