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Smart Cookies

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the now acclaimed game Logix and its successor Meta-Forms, we returned to our secret kitchen and came up with Smart Cookies! 64 fresh, brain boosting logic puzzles

3D Crystal Puzzle - Earth: 39 Pcs

Delight your mind and eyes with this 3 dimensional brainteaser! When you’ve pieced its interlocking plastic pieces together (be ready for a challenge), its glossy, sleek design will take you to

Slinky Science Kit - Electric Bell Mini Lab

For the budding Edison…Electric Bell-Buzzer-Telegraph introduces the basics of electric circuitry. Start by building an electromagnet, progress to making a telegraph key, put the battery and swi

Crochet Art

A crocheting kit ideal for kids and beginners. The craft of crocheting is a fun hobby you can enjoy for a lifetime. This beginner’s kit introduces the basic techniques to crochet small squares o

The Big Fat Tomato Game

Sink your teeth into this juicy game of fierce tomato farming! Try to harvest the most tomatoes while defending your patch from a garden variety of intruders like weeds, varmints, and even the dastard

New York Collection - World Trade 3D Puzzle: 875 Pcs

Complete the unique Wrebbit 3D – New York Collection with this 875-piece 3D puzzle, including the tallest building of the Western Hemisphere, the One World Trade Centre. Surrounding this towerin

Chicken Charades

Think fast! Act out Charades with a squeaky chicken! After winning rave reviews in England, Chicken Charades is finally available in the USA. How will you get your teammates to guess your Charade befo

Metal Earth LED Display Base - Blue

Now that you have created your Metal Earth model, you will want to show it off. Dramatically display your 3D model on this custom designed Metal Earth lighted base. It runs on USB power and automatica