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Seed Bombs - Wild Game Mixture

Drop a bomb and get plants growing! Attract wildlife with this forage plant mix! Launch them, throw them, and leave a swath of grass in your wake! Seed Bombs protect the seeds inside from animals, ins

Original Rock Tumbler

This heavy-duty rock tumbler does much more than ordinary rock polishers- it actually changes rough stones into beautiful high-luster semi precious gemstones (note: takes approximately 30 days to achi

Table Manners Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

Table Manners is a 1,000-piece puzzle that shows what happens when five cats get their paws on several balls of yarn. Cute, but messy! Cobble Hill puzzles are made in the USA with the finest inks, pre


Solve… Build… Create! 13 colorful shapes… dozens of spatial challenges! Spill out the shapes and then try to fit them all back into the tray. Then use them to build 20 different obje

Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Model - Transformers Megatron

The MetalEarth Transformers models are amazingly detailed etched models that are fun and satisfying to assemble. Each model starts out as 4 inch square metal sheets and you simply pop out the pieces a

4D Cityscape Time Puzzle - Las Vegas, USA

Cityscape recreates world famous City skylines not only in three dimensions (using scale-model buildings), but also along the axis of fourth dimension time, spanning years of its architectural history

3D Crystal Puzzle - Moon: 47 Pcs

Delight your mind and eyes with this 3 dimensional brainteaser that will bend your brain! When you’ve pieced its interlocking plastic pieces together (be ready for a challenge), its colorful, sl

PlayBrix - 54 Building Blocks Set

The perfect building tool, these uniquely patterned brick blocks are made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard and printed with a water-resistant coating, so they’re safe, strong, and durable. Siz