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Tree of Knowledge - Robotics

Join forces with the world of robotics and assemble 3 fantastic robots. One robot detects objects using infrared rays, the wake-up robot is sensitive to light and the third robot is operated by any TV

Star Wars Science - Darth Maul Double-Bladed Lightsaber Room Light

Become a powerful Sith as you construct and display your own Darth Maul edition, double-bladed Lightsaber Room Light. Learn how electronics make a Lightsaber work, then activate its glowing red blade!

Hanayama Level 4 Cast Puzzle - U&U

A challenging puzzle made from metal cast pieces. You’ll spend hours trying to solve the intense challenging puzzle. Can you take it apart? Now try and put it back together! Hanayama cast puzzle

Juggling Set

This Borras juggling set shows you how to keep several balls in the air at once, have rings cascading in perpetual motion, and spin and toss the juggle skittles in a spectacular fashion. The clear ste

Magformers Challenger Set: 112 Pcs

Comes with XL cruiser pieces and original Magformers shapes to add extra fun to your Magformers set. Get extra creative with pentagons, hexagons and more! Even includes two sets of wheels. Explore and

Chutes and Ladders Game

Climb up and slide down in the exciting game of ups and downs, Chutes and Ladders! You and the character on your pawn can see the square marked 100, but it’s not so easy to get there. If you lan

Memory Challenge - Adventure Time Edition

Shmowzow! It’s the world’s most popular matching game – MEMORY – now with an Adventure Time twist! Turn over the cards to find matches of your favorite characters from Lumpy Sp

Fun With Your Dog

Woof! Woof! Everyone likes to be spoiled rotten. Your dog is no different! With this kit you will be able to make your dog a home-made dog tag, scrub your dog with a home-made shampoo and even design